The Moving Cinema is an articulated lorry. When parked, the trailer unit transforms into a fully enclosed cinema auditorium in which the audience sit to watch the film or presentation. The cinema trailer is fully heated and air conditioned.


100 seats with spaces for customers in wheelchairs. The Moving Cinema has a raked auditorium with a gradient of 1:9.

Set Up

Requiring a flat, level hard-standing (non grass) surface, it takes the operators 1 hour to set up the Travelling Cinema from arrival, to welcoming customers aboard. There are two entry and exit points into the Moving Cinema, one at the rear of the seating area which is stepped, and one at the screen end which is wheelchair accessible via a ramp.


The Moving Cinema in road-going format is – 16.72m long, 2.44m wide, and 4.65m tall. When the trailer sides are extended to form the cinema, length and height are the same, but the lorry becomes 6.8m wide with another 2.5m needed for the access stairs and ramp on the left hand side. Overall weight is 36.5 tons.

Projection/Sound/Screen Size

Projection is via a Christie CP2210 projector with a Doremi IMB 2K server providing full DCI digital compliance via DCP’s. A BluRay player is also fitted. Sound is digital cinema 5.1 equivalent. The overall screen size is 5m wide by 2.24m tall with a mini-perf matt sheet. Actual picture size will depend on film ratio being used. The screen has no borders or masking.

Power requirements

Where possible, we prefer to plug into a local supply of no less than 32amps of 3 phase power with a 5 pin connector. If no local supply is available, we would need to hire in a diesel generator at extra cost.

Notes: The Travelling Cinema does not have any toilet or washing facilities. The interior lighting is dimmable tungsten lighting with switched fluorescent lighting. There are two external lights over the entry/exit doors.