The Moving Cinema is a mobile cinema venue for hire.

We provide a professional cinema experience on location.

The Moving Cinema can be used to:

Add an extra screen to your festival
Adding an extra screen will allow you to vary your program and attract more audiences.

Play high quality DCP content
A simple projector set up will not allow you to utilise DCI compliant content, but we have all the tech needed to play the most current films, just as in any cinema. We can also play BluRay and anything through an HDMI connection.

Provide an enclosed screening space for your event
Our screen can be utilised for exclusive content and events, we’ve hosted Q&A sessions, talks, and competitions in our auditorium

Bring a screen to an unusual place
We can put a cinema in the middle of the countryside, in a music festival, or place it in a town centre. Find a place that will be visually striking for your event and we will do the rest

Provide a striking visual element and screening space to a custom event
Our cinema always draws attention and footfall due to it’s appearance, people will marvel at the technical ingenuity of the cinema

Tour content for a marketing campaign
We can make multiple stops in a number of locations for the release of a film or a branded campaign. We can even have branded images put onto the exterior of the truck.